Românexit RPG

Chronological order (all cards)


Expansion packs


Bards is the second instalment in the DLC series for the Românexit role playing game. This expansion pack is focusing on 4 unique bards characters that are entertaining us on a daily basis with their misjudgement.



The first expansion pack for Românexit titled “Nomads” is dedicated to characters that have migrated across seas and oceans to seek closure and peace. No one knows if they will ever come back, but one thing is certain. If they do come back, we will always have a special room ready for all of them!


Items, places and vehicles

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Regular cards


Community cards


Introducing Community Cards.

These special cards can be created by yourself! All you have to do is be creative and write your own ideas in the comment sections on our Facebook page.



Românexit RPG (role-playing game) is a fictional non-functioning Dragon & Dungeons style game that aims to poke fun at various Romanian things. This is just a poor satire attempt created by a very bored person so don’t get offended, please. New cards are being added almost every day so make sure you bookmark this page and check the website from time to time to stay up to date with the dankest cards.